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Your gums are responsible for the shape of your smile. If you have excess gum tissue, which hurts the sparkle of your smile, try gum contouring as a pathway to getting the smile you desire. This cosmetic gum treatment is also referred to as gum lifting, gum reshaping, or crown lengthening, and it involves reshaping your gums to boost the sparkle of your smile by increasing the surface area of your teeth, and removing excess gum tissue. We recommend that you consider undergoing a gum lifting procedure if you invest in dental veneers, as this will provide you with an elegant, perfectly framed smile. 

What Are the Pros of Gum Contouring? 

  • You will transform your gummy smile into a stunning, sparkling smile
  • If your gums have suffered any damage as a result of periodontal disease, the damage will be repaired
  • If you have short-looking teeth, they will appear longer
  • The highlight of your smile will be your teeth and not your gums
  • Having a beautiful smile will boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • Your gums will be crafted to offer a more symmetrical smile

How Does Crown Lengthening Work? 

During the reshape gum line procedure, we will expertly sculpt your gums to the underlying bone to reveal the entire surface of the teeth. Our goal is to come up with a symmetrical and endearing gum line that will perfectly frame your smile. Keep in mind that a gum contouring procedure should only be done by a qualified and experienced dental professional. 

How Does Gum Lifting Impact Your Oral Health? 

Although many patients are motivated by aesthetic desires to undergo gum lifting, your dentist can also recommend it to you for restorative purposes. This cosmetic gum treatment procedure can be a good solution for reducing tissue in the area affected by a cavity below the gum line or a tooth fracture. Additionally, it will provide the dentist access to the affected site for treatment. Gum contouring will also make installing a long-lasting tooth replacement easier. 

Gum Grafting as a Solution for Receding gums

If you realize that one tooth or several seem to be longer than the rest, they could be experiencing gum recession. The gum recession will ruin the perfect aesthetics of your smile, and it could also be an indicator of a more severe oral health concern. Your teeth also become more vulnerable to developing plaque and cavities in the root. You should know that none of these problems caused by receding gums can be effectively solved by a simple filling. Gum recession can also signal that your tooth-supporting bone beneath the surface is shrinking. 

What Are the Primary Causes of Receding Gums? 

Receding gums is a condition that’s commonly caused by; 

  • Brushing teeth aggressively
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Tooth crowding
  • Naturally thin gum tissue
  • Teeth being in a prominently outward position
  • Genetic factors
  • Heavy and unbalanced biting forces

Keep in mind that gum recession could be the most visible sign of a more severe problem like bone loss underneath your gums. If you fail to seek immediate intervention, the loss of tooth-supporting bone could result in tooth loss. 

How Do Gum Grafts Work? 

We take advantage of soft tissue or gum grafts to case the roots or stimulate the development of gum tissue where it was absent before because of excessive gingival recession. Gum grafts enhance the beauty of your smile while protecting its roots. Additionally, they also work to slow gum recession, reduce tooth sensitivity, and minimize the degradation of tooth-supporting bone.

Benefits of Soft Tissue Grafting

  • Regenerating the growth of tooth-supporting bones: - Gum tissue grafts have been proven effective in offering long-term tooth protection and regenerating the growth of tooth-supporting bones. This results in stronger teeth. 
  • Provides a healthy gum line: - Gum problems lead to both aesthetic and health consequences. Gum grafting allows for the creation of a healthy and protective gum line that will enhance the overall appearance of teeth that previously seemed too long. 
  • Dependable root coverage: - Exposed tooth roots can result in severe dental problems like amplified sensitivity and cavities in the root. However, gum tissue grafting offers dependable root coverage that minimizes the chances of such problems developing. 
  • Reduces tooth loss: - If your gum recession is associated with the loss of tooth-supporting bone, you could end up losing your teeth. However, gum tissue grafting is a dependable intervention that can help you avoid tooth loss. 

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